Can kids come on a tour?

Our “non-electric” bike tours are geared for people age 13 and up. Our electric bike tours are for ages 16+. If you have younger children and would like to go on a tour, please contact us about a private tour.
(Note: We currently do not have children’s bikes).

How fit should I be?

For our “regular” bike tours. you should have a moderate level of fitness. We ride at a casual pace but do ascend some gentle hills. For our “7×7″ tour, you should be able to ride 17-18 miles with some additional elevation gain.
If you are not a relatively active person, the 7×7 is probably not for you. For our electric bike tours, you should have the balance and dexterity to ride and control a 60-pound bike. And even though they’re electric, you still have to pedal as we ride in the flats and ascend hills, so you must have a basic level of fitness. If you have any questions, just call or email us.

What should I wear?

Our tours are casual, so please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Be sure to check the weather and bring layers (i.e. jacket, fleece, sweater). We provide helmets, or you can choose to bring your own.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your payment is fully refundable if you cancel at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance. Your payment is not refundable if you cancel less than 48 hours (2 days) in advance.

Do you rent bikes?

We provide a bike for you for your bike tour, but if you’d like to explore on your own as well, you can rent bikes from our sister company, San Francisco Bicycle Rentals website for more info on bike rentals and to reserve your bike.

What kinds of bikes do you provide?

All of our bikes are designed specifically for city riding. For our “regular” (non-electric) bike tours, we have a colorful collection of city bikes. Brands include Specialized, Public, Civia, and Breezer. Our bikes are comfortable AND classy. For our electric bike tours, we carry Aventon Pace 350.

Helmets are included on all tours.

What’s the minimum number of people that you will take on a tour?

To make it feasible on our end, we require a minimum of 2 people to run a tour. If only one person books a tour, we’ll do all we can to move that person to another tour with others or refund that person’s payment in full. Please contact us if you have any questions.